Application for PTDF Scholarship Currently Ongoing [2022 UPDATE]
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Application for PTDF Scholarship Currently Ongoing

The [PTDF] Education 2022 scheme is open to good scholars from Overseas and Local for [M.Sc andPh.D] courses, Awards will be granted for studies in the [Brazil, France, United Kingdom, Germany] through Campus France, Top Institutions in the United States of America as well as Federal Universities and Centers of Excellence in Nigeria.

The [Petroleum Technology Development Fund -PTDF] is a parastatal under the Federal Ministry of Petroleum offers established by law for the purpose of developing and promoting petroleum technology and for creating the human resource requirements of the oil and gas assiduity through research and training of Nigerians.

The [Petroleum Technology Development Fund- PTDF] is the Federal Government agency with the accreditation of developing indigenous mortal capacity and petroleum technology to meet the requirements of the oil and gas assiduity.

For the [Petroleum Technology Development Fund -PTDF], the Federal Government agency with the accreditation of developing indigenous human capacity and petroleum technology to meet the requirements of the oil and gas assiduity, invites application from suitably good candidates for the Overseas [MSc and PhD] scholarship to specific programmes at named institutions under its PTDF Overseas Scholarship Scheme for the [2022/2023] academic session.

The scheme was developed to offer students the opportunity to profit from a diversified pool of knowledge and the installations offered by world- class institutions across the globe. And under it, candidates are invited to apply through PTDF to specific programmes at the mate institutions. Their award includes the provision of [flight tickets, payment of health insurance, payment of education and bench fees] where applicable, and the provision of allowances to meet the costs of accommodation and living charges.

The interested aspirants should please note the following;

For the [2022/2023] award, all the applications will be limited to PTDF associated universities in the [Germany, United Kingdom, France, and Malaysia] where it feels the education’s high norms can be maintained and the objects of the scheme will be best served.

About the ptdf Education scholarship

The [Petroleum Technology Development Fund -PTDF] is a parastatal of the Ministry of Petroleum offers established by Degree 25 0f [1973] devoted for the purpose of development, creation and perpetration of petroleum technology and force development through exploration and training of Nigerians as [graduates, professionals, technicians and tradesmen] in the fields of [operation, economics,

engineering, geology, geosciences] and applicable fields in the petroleum and solid minerals economy in Nigeria or abroad.

The PTDF Scholarship Eligibility and Countries that are Involved

The aspirants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the PTDF Overseas Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme [2022/2023] in the [France, Nigeria, UK, Germany, and Malaysia]

The candidates must retain excellent academic credentials, as substantiated by their [degrees, academic transcripts], and enrollments in professional associations. The aspirant should source applicable publications only for [Ph.D] aspirants that are viability of the study/ exploration plan. And their Courses to study varies according to the institutions and the countries involved. Get the courses then.

Why You Should Apply For This PTDF Education Scholarship

The Benefits of This Education:

The education award covers payment of education and bench fees, the provision of flight tickets, Healthcare content and the

provision of allowances to cover the costs of accommodation and living charges.

The Scholarship Conditions & Requirement

The Conditions for Masters Education:

  • The aspirants must hold at least an alternate class upper 2.1 degree or an alternate class lower 2.2 degree with applicable assistance experience.
  • The aspirants must have completed the [National Youth Service – NYSC].
  • The aspirant must be computer knowledgeable and retain five O/ position credits, including the English Language.
  • The Statement of purpose with at least 500 words outlining the reasons they want to take over the study, the applicability of the proposed study to the oil and gas assiduity, and its anticipated impact on public development.
  • The aspirants must also have a [National Identity Number – NIN] before applying for the education. And you’ll need to register  your NIN before starting with the operation.

The Conditions for [Ph.D] Education:

  • They must retain a minimum of alternate class lower 2.2 in their first degree and a good alternate degree document.
  • They must have completed the obligatory National Youth Service -NYSC]
  • They must be computer knowledgeable.
  • An exploration later applicable to the oil manufacturing and gas assiduity of not more than five pages and includes: [Methodology, Content, preface, ideal,and Mode of data collection].
  • Each speaker must present a letter from their Vice Chancellor attesting that they aren’t entering any other literacy.
  • The aspirants must have a [National Identity Number -NIN] before applying for the education. And you’ll need to register your NIN before starting with the application.

Then the overseas students must retain following test:

  • The Foreign Language Testing which is known as -TOEFL]  USA.
  • The [Graduate Record Examination] USA.
  • The [GMAT – for operation related courses] USA.
  • The IELTS English Testing known as  [International English Language Testing System]  

Please be aware that all the aspirants who pass the first round of assessment will be asked for their academic credentials. So, all aspirants should prepare their academic transcripts for submission in expectation of such a request.

How to Apply for PTDF Education Scholarship for [2022]

  • You have to visit their official website
  • Your application must be submitted online through the PTDF Scholarship Portal.
  • You’ll have to create an account once you visit the portal, If you’re a new aspirant.
  • You can complete your online enrollment if you formerly have an account by using the login form.
  • You must have a valid email address since you’ll be receiving your enrollment progress via a link transferred to your inbox. And to be successful, you must meet all the conditions and requirements
  • You must take note of the gate where you’re applying to avoid submitting the wrong operation.

The Document Conditions and Requirements

The aspirants are to ensure they scan ones of the following documents and upload same to their online application:

  • Your [First- degree] instrument or statement of result.
  • Your [NYSC] discharge letter.
  • The [WAEC/ GCE/ SSCE/ NECO results and the pins on the forms enable PTDF to view the O’level results on the applicable website.
  • Your Recent Passport photograph
  • Your Original Government Identification letter.
  • Your Master’s degree instrument for [Ph.D] aspirants only.
  • A substantiation of a class of professional associations.

The PTDF Education Scholarship 2022 application Form to Register.

All the aspirants can submit operation form along with supporting documents in online using an [ATM – Interswitch, Master & Visa card] or through purchase of a scrape card from designated main branches of First Bank of Nigeria Plc in all the [36 States and FCT], upon payment of a [Non-Refundable] sum of One Thousand Naira Only. The instructions on how to form online are easily stated on the backside of the cards on or before the deadline.

Their Application Process

The Shortlisted candidates for MSc scholars will have a computer grounded test and PHD scholars must have an oral Interview.

Their Application Deadline

Functionary dates will be announced shortly and the eligible candidates can follow the sanctioned website to get complete details with guidelines about PTDF Scholarship 2022 scheme.

The Most constantly Asked Questions About The PTDF Scholarship

How can One Prepare for the PTDF Education Scholarship?

To prepare, write about your background and once achievements. You should also be suitable to articulate your plans for the future and explain how both the program and the university will help you to meet those pretensions. conform your answers so they fit with the immolations of that particular programme.

How Can One Answer education interview questions

Then are many tips to help you prepare emotional answers to education interview questions:

You have to Practice

You want to appear comfortable and write when you meet with the interviewer. However, try rehearsing what you’ll say with a friend, schoolteacher or family member, If you ’re feeling nervous ahead of the interview. Then ask for feedback so you can plan effective responses. And also, exercise good posture and open body language as you speak. Rather than learning your answers, try to start with talking points that you can expand upon and by doing so, your answers will feel more natural and less rehearsed.

You have to Do your exploration

Just visit the program or institution’s website to learn about its background, charge and recent adverts to more understand its values and goals. Again, you might probe their professional networking profile to review their background and any connections or interests you might partake in, If you know who’ll be conducting your interview. Also, take time to review the education conditions and your education essay, so you can fluently relate to important points.

You have stay relaxed but focused

Answering education interview questions is generally easier when you’re calm. Exercise relaxation exercises, similar to deep breathing, before going into the interview. Always smile, shake the interviewers hand forcefully and be yourself and also act confident and meritorious of the education.

You have to be clear and concise

Take a many seconds to dilute your responses before you begin talking. And don’t rush to answer without precisely allowing through what you want to say. Again, try to respond shortly and speak easily and maintain eye contact with the interviewer. More guidelines HERE.


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