Best 5 Ranked Cities With Cyber ​​Security Jobs in Canada
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Best 5 Ranked Cities With Cyber ​​Security Jobs in Canada


Best 5 Ranked Cities With Cyber ​​Security Jobs in Canada – Let’s review our list of top cities with Cyber ​​Security Jobs in Canada in many states. The role and importance of cybersecurity has become undeniably essential in recent years. This is particularly the result of an increase in online operations that have led to the world’s best due to the Covid19 pandemic.

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Many legitimate businesses use the Internet for business purposes, increasing the demand for cybersecurity professionals. The demand for professionals in this industry is growing as businesses, corporations and government agencies, especially those that are heavily online, continue to need smart, experienced cybersecurity.

That said, if you are interested in immigrating to Canada, these are the top cities with Canadian cybersecurity jobs discussed here.

Whether you are an experienced professional in cybersecurity, a new graduate or prospective student looking for opportunities, or if you are in need of someone like you in Canada, please note that this can help you get a green card if you meet the department Canada Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) Eligibility Criteria.

Below Are The Best 5 Ranked Cities With Cybersecurity Jobs in Canada

When immigrating, it is very important to properly consider where you want to live and work in Canada. Canada’s coastal provinces are very different from inland provinces. You’ll see, for example, that there is much less snow, but the cost of living is quite high.

All of these five cities not only have many opportunities in the field of cybersecurity, but also offer their residents different and unique lifestyles.

#One. Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is the first city on the list of top cities with cybersecurity jobs in Canada. It is the largest city on Canada’s west coast. Vancouver is located very close to the US border and south of the city of Seattle.

One of the locals’ special hobbies is spending the weekend on Vancouver Island, where they can enjoy activities like killer whale watching, beautiful hiking, experiencing quaint seaside towns and exploring the island’s capital, Victoria.

Vancouver’s tech industry is huge with the presence of popular tech companies like Hootsuite. Amazon, Microsoft and EA, which are headquartered here. Famous and large cybersecurity companies include Hexafusion Canada. , the cybersecurity brain, and foresight.

The security analysts are paid a total amount of $67,000 per annum and their security professionals are paid a total amount of  $125,000 per annum in Vancouver. It is also important to recognize that the cost of living is rather high compared to other parts of Canada.


Items | Average cost:

  • Rent…. (one bedroom apartment)….           $1,600
  • Public transport (monthly pass)…. $ 98
  • Utility……. $82
  • Meals (takeout)…… $10
  • Internet (60Mbps line)….. $80
  • A loaf of bread…… $ 3.19
  • Cappuccino……  $4

If you are looking to earn a qualification in cybersecurity, visit Vancouver Vocational College .

#2. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax also has many cybersecurity jobs. The road to Canada’s east coast is the Atlantic city of Halifax. The east coast is quite cold in winter, but it is very picturesque and charming.

Another benefit of working for Nova Scotia is that you can obtain a permanent residence permit through: Atlantic Pilot Program ; This is an immigration program designed specifically for immigrants who have been offered a job in Atlantic Canada.

Right now, Atlantic Canada’s demand for all the cybersecurity analysts that’s IT systems administrators and also IT systems analysts earns an average salary of $45,000-$80,000 per annum, depending on your level of qualification and experience.

Nova Scotia Community College is a two years program in cyber security and will be placed in a strong position to obtain a green card through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Once you complete this process and enter the job market without too many barriers.

The program also earns you a two-year Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) qualification that allows you to work immediately after graduation. The cost of living in Halifax is not as high as in Vancouver, but it is still relatively high compared to other provinces in Canada. This is a predictable cost.


Items | Average cost:

  • Rent (one bedroom apartment)……$1,200
  • Public transport (monthly pass)…… $82.50
  • Utility……$160
  • Meals (takeout)…… $12
  • Internet (60Mbps line)……. $96.50
  • A loaf of bread     …… $3.03
  • Cappuccino $0.00

#three. Calgary, Alberta

While Calgary may not be the best city to look for cybersecurity jobs, there are plenty of opportunities when it comes to the tech industry, but the real deal is that the city is growing at a steady pace and growing economically. decelerating.

The job board also has hundreds of positions for cybersecurity professionals and professionals. Calgary’s proximity to the Canadian Rockies makes it an ideal choice to live in if you’re the outdoor type.

Beautiful attractions like Banff and Yoho National Park are just around the corner. Calgary has a reputation as one of the safest cities in the world and has been voted the most liveable city in all of North America.

The total cost of their salary for the cybersecurity analyst in Calgary is ranging from $79,000, and above and also a cybersecurity professional is close to $155,000 per annum. Compared to other cities, the cost of living and average income are quite advantageous.


Items | Average cost:

  • Rent (one bedroom apartment)….. $1,125
  • Public transport (monthly pass)…..$109
  • Utility……$203
  • Meals (takeout)……$11
  • Internet (60Mbps line)…..$77
  • A loaf of bread….. $2.51
  • Cappuccino….. $0.00

Calgary is the unofficial top city in Canada to work in cybersecurity because of its high quality of life, low unemployment and a fair cost of living.

#4. Toronto, Ontario

Toronto, Ontario and the surrounding cities of Burlington, Scarborough, Niagara, Ottawa and Waterloo are all less than a minute from Toronto, and the surrounding cities offer great opportunities for cybersecurity professionals. It’s as expensive to live as Toronto.

Toronto, like Canada, is in the south, so winters are mild. But don’t be fooled. Even in July it can drop as low as minus one. In the south of Ontario, small towns are scattered around Toronto’s main hub. A short drive south between Lake Toronto and Lake Erie is the US border and the city of Buffalo is just opposite.

The total amount of salary for the cybersecurity analyst here in Toronto is around $63,109, and the  professionals  are  close to $168,500 per annum.


Item | Average cost:

  • Rent (one bedroom apartment)…..$1,950
  • Public transport (monthly pass)……$155
  • Utility……$155
  • Meals (takeout)……$11.50
  • Internet (60Mbps line)           ….. $71
  • A loaf of bread…..$2.83
  • Cappuccino….. $0.00

#5. Montreal, Quebec

You cannot count the best cities in Canada for a cybersecurity-related job without mentioning Montreal. Quebec is predominantly French-speaking, so get advice on this when applying for a job in Montreal.

Dubbed Canada’s European capital, Montreal’s beautiful city has a rich history and beautiful architecture is just one of the many reasons people choose to settle here, and Putin is the other. Montreal’s tech industry has been thriving over the years. In Montreal we have companies like Spiria and Novatek, Ubisoft and Bethesda, they all call Montreal home.

Threat hunters are in high demand with many financial institutions working hard to protect the privacy of their customers. The average cybersecurity professional in Montreal earns about $65,000 per year.

The city’s cost of living is slightly lower than the rest of Canada, but Quebec’s immigration system is independent and not part of the IRCC. The NS Cybersecurity profession also offers immigration opportunities for those with an international degree.


Items | Average cost:

  • Rent (one bedroom apartment)….. $1,120
  • Public transport (monthly pass)…… $86.50
  • Utility……$97
  • Meals (takeout)……$12
  • Internet (60Mbps line)           …… $63
  • A loaf of bread……$3.49
  • Cappuccino…. $0.00

Canadian Cybersecurity Program

A career in cybersecurity in Canada would be a very wise choice. Not only will you choose a lucrative career, but you will also choose to live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, progressive government, completely free health care and high standards of public safety. You can’t find it anywhere else.

If you choose to travel for a qualification in Canada, there are a number of schools across the country offering world-class programs. To qualify for permanent residency in Canada after graduation, make sure the school you choose to study at is on the list below. Designated Educational Institutions (DLI) IRCC. Even better if your program is eligible for a Postgraduate Work Permit (PGWP).

How do I work in cybersecurity in Canada?

There are many jobs in the cybersecurity field in Canada’s top cities. You must be eligible to qualify for these opportunities. Also, your chances of success are much higher if you can apply from within Canada.

You can immigrate through the various immigration programs offered by IRCC, some of which have already been cited in the article. And with all the quick registration systems that others love, you can also apply for permanent residency in Canada without any job offer. And if you assume you are fully qualified. With it, you can enter Canada.

Cybersecurity analysts earn high salaries in Canada. We recommend that you also check the following list. High-wage jobs in Canada . If you are planning to immigrate to Canada with your family through a cybersecurity job, our best cities to settle in with your family .


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