Top 10 Best Drama Schools UK [2022 UPDATE]

Top 10 Best Drama Schools UK

Best Drama Schools UK – The UK is considered one of the top nations in the world for pursuing distinctive and satisfying degrees in the performing arts, including acting, drama, and theater. Pursuing an undergraduate degree in theater, a highly competitive yet creative discipline may be a challenging but worthwhile labor of love.

When studying drama in the UK, you will study a mix of theory and practice to build knowledge and abilities. The major emphasis is on learning by doing. You may learn how to interact with an audience via performance and understand acting and theatrical history by studying drama at UK institutions. Here is the list of the top 5 best drama schools in the UK 2022.

List Of Best Drama Schools UK 2022

  • Guildhall School Of Music And Drama
  • University of Central Lancashire
  • University of Essex
  • Lancaster University
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Birmingham City University
  • Conservatoire for Dance and Drama
  • Royal Welsh College Of Music And Drama

Best Drama School UK 2022

1. Guildhall School Of Music And Drama

The Guildhall School of Music and Drama has served as London’s top training ground for playwrights since 1881. Some of the most prominent personalities in British theater and film have attended the institution, including Sir James Galway, Sir Bryn Terfel, Ewan McGregor, and Daniel Craig.

In only three years, Guildhall offers a BA Honours in Acting program for individuals who desire to emulate these renowned performers.

The program comprises performances in the Milton Court facility, a studio theater with 128 seats, and a proscenium arch theater with 223 seats. The school also features several laboratories and workshop areas where students may further develop their abilities and perform.

Guildhall offers a top-notch production arts degree for theater enthusiasts who would instead work behind the scenes. Stage management, costuming, design realization, and theatrical technology are among the specialties available for the three-year practical degree.

2. University of Central Lancashire

Every step of the way, the University of Central Lancashire helps its students. The prestigious faculty at U Central Lancashire provides instruction in addition to initiatives like the yearly cJam Performance.

This occasion offers both the possibility to perform in front of an audience and networking possibilities for theatre and performance students to connect with professionals in the field.

U Central Lancashire offers several performing venues on campus that range in size. This features two 185 square meters and 160 square meter black box theater areas. The institution also gives students the tools they need to express themselves on stage completely.

3. University of Essex

Students see theater at the University of Essex as a “real union of intellect and heart.” The theater department at U Essex pulls out the best in its actors by using the minds and emotions of its pupils.

The manner the University has reacted to recent lockdown restrictions demonstrates this emphasis. Since there are fewer chances for live performances, the drama department has not only used tools like Zoom but also rethought what theater may be. Teachers and students have preserved performance at a trying time by tossing the script.

U Essex provides tools and instructors for people interested in doing academic research in the theater. The University offers students the chance to learn from academics like Professor Shohini Chaudhuri, whose research on theater and cinema has been published in three monographs. The possibilities of performance are examined in Professor Chaudhuri’s study.

4. Lancaster University

Students may choose from several degree options at Lancaster University’s Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts (LICA). Students may pursue combination courses like theatre and creative writing or theatre and English literature in addition to BAs in drama, theatre, and performance.

The school’s concept that theater doesn’t take place in a silo but instead in dialogue with other disciplines of study is reflected in this interdisciplinary approach. According to the school, the theater is an equally competent trade, an aesthetic form of expression, and a political activity.

All of those elements come together with the school’s resources, particularly the cutting-edge LICA Building, which many believe is one of England’s top black box theaters. Additionally, students have access to equipment of the highest caliber, enabling them to perform sophisticated performances while still honing their craft.

5. Manchester Metropolitan University

In only three years, students at Manchester Metropolitan University may get an honors degree in acting or theater and contemporary performance.

The University’s recently built training hub is at the program’s center. The hub, housed in the Governor East Building, unites not just Manchester School of Theatre students but also those from the Manchester Writing School. These links enable students to strengthen their talents while working on unique content, expanding their creative faculties.

The school also encourages students to deepen their knowledge of drama and theater through its Bunker Talks program. Researchers and performers are featured in this weekly series to talk about the concepts motivating them. The Bunker Talks provide a forum for discussion and inquiry with talks by Simeon Barclay, Darren Pritchard, Santiago Sierra, and others.

6. Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University, a public university in Birmingham, England, offers top-notch acting instruction to various students.

The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, which collaborates with BCU for its acting BA, provided such exceptional instruction. Students may learn from knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructors at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

Danièle Sanderson, the course director at the school, received her training at the Drama Centre in London and worked as a freelance director and movement director for ten years. Sanderson has been a teacher for more than 20 years, and he brings to the Conservatoire experience and perspective.

The only acting education professor in the nation is vice-principal Stephen Simms. Simms has worked for many shows, including The Winter’s Tale by Shakespeare, Woyzeck by Buchner, and the Grammy-winning musical Spring Awakening.

7. Conservatoire for Dance and Drama

The Conservatoire for Dance and Drama in London was created in 2001, but it already has a solid reputation as a top program for students interested in theater. The Conservatoire, which unites six reputable institutions, including the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, has maintained its position on this list. The Conservatoire also benefits from collaborations with the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

The Conservatoire has taught some of England’s best actors due to these collaborations. Naomi Harris is a former student. Harris has been nominated for several important prizes in addition to playing in blockbuster movies, including James Bond’s No Time to Die and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Harris received nominations for the Academy Award for best supporting actress and the Screen Actors Guild Award for best-supporting actress for her role in Moonlight, the 2016 Best Picture winner.

Olivia Coleman acted in the popular BBC Broadchurch and the Netflix series The Crown after graduating from the Conservatoire, then known as the Old Vic Theatre School, in 1999. Coleman was nominated for an Academy Award for best-supporting actress for The Father and won an Academy Award for best actress for The Favorite.

8. Royal Welsh College Of Music And Drama

RWCMD is among the best drama programs UK. RWCMD, the National Conservatoire of Wales, was founded in Cardiff Castle in 1949 and competes globally with all other premier acting institutions.

The university looks out for its students during and after their studies to help them get started in the field. The school attracts casting directors, has strong ties to regional TV broadcasters, and hosts more than 300 public performances annually. If you live near Cardiff or Wales, you should consider applying to this theater school since you will be happy there.


Acting is no longer seen as a somber career as it once was. We are eternally appreciative of the many top-tier performers, directors, and artists that drama colleges all across the globe have helped us develop. You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re hoping to launch a career in acting. Choosing any school among our best drama schools in the UK will have you excel in your career.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Careers In Drama

Graduates in drama find a variety of stage and television jobs. In addition to the performing arts, they often work in charity, tourism, and arts administration.

Graduates of drama programs may work as actors in movies, TV shows, theater, and musicals, as well as drama therapists, TV presenters, teachers at theater academies, and topic instructors in conventional schools. In this line of business, freelancing is typical, and it takes strong networking to stand out from the competition and obtain decent job prospects.

2. What Is The Hardest Drama School To Get Into Uk?

The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art | London RADA was established in 1904 and is not just regarded as one of the best-acting programs but also one of the most competitive. It has a regal reputation, which is why it is called this way.

3. Do You Need A Level To Get Into Drama School?

A few programs may need it, but you don’t necessarily need an A-level in drama and theatrical studies to study theater. A few courses call for English and theatrical studies, while others ask for English literature.

4. What GCSEs Do You Need For Drama School?

Drama at the GCSE level is preferred but not required. A strong English mark, say, of 7 or better is desirable, as well as four or more additional GCSEs. Some SEN youngsters like drama, maybe preferring it over challenging academic subjects like STEM.

5. Is Acting A Good Career?

Yes, it is. The acting business is quite successful. Actors are paid to show up on set and give their all for every acting gig. Additionally, large cities like London and New York City provide acting employment to people all around the globe. An excellent job that lets you meet new people and gain new abilities is acting.








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