How To Find Work In Canada From Nigeria [LATEST UPDATE]
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How To Find Work In Canada From Nigeria

How To Find Work In Canada From Nigeria – Are you a Nigerian looking for a country with a lot of job opportunities that you can immigrate to? Then Canada is the best place to be.

Canada is one of the countries of the world where you can easily find work as there a lot of job opportunities as a result of the aging population of the country.

The Canadian government and immigration department is doing its best to bring in competent hands to come fill in labour shortages in the country.

This year, the country is targeting to bring in about 432,000 new immigrants in a bid to meet up with the 1.3 million immigration target in the Immigration Levels Plan of the country.

So now that you know that there are a lot of job opportunities waiting for you in Canada and also that Canada needs you, how do you find work in Canada and also immigrate to Canada.

Well, you are lucky reading this article as we are going to tell you everything you will need to know about finding work in Canada whether in the public or private sector and how you can also immigrate.

There are a lot of jobs that are in demand in Canada and we are going to be showing you those jobs as applying for a job that is in demand in Canada will increase your chances of getting the job and immigrate to Canada.

How To Find Work In Canada


We will be discussing few guidelines to help you find work in Canada as it is our duty to make it easy for you to find a job and immigrate to Canada.

  • Update your CV

This is the first thing any employer looks at and it tells the employer a lot about you. If you really want to stand a chance at getting a job in Canada, you will need to have a good CV.

There are a lot of competitors for jobs in Canada and so having a good CV will surely give you an edge over other applicants.

You should also write a good cover letter that is not too long or too short. It should tell your potential employer why you are a good fit for the job and why you should be given a chance to work.

  • You should go for jobs that you best fit into

When you go for a job that is in line with your career or experience, you will find it easier to land a job in Canada especially if that job is in demand in Canada.

When employers see that you have the experience and qualification for the job you are applying for, they will believe that you are the best fit for the job.

So it is very important that you look for a job in Canada that suits your work experience and career field.

  • Look for the best recruitment platform whether in Canada or globally

When looking for a job, recruitment platforms or job listing websites should be your companion and some of them are:

  • Canada job bank (it is one of the most used job website for jobs in Canada)
  • Indeed (a global job company that recruits workers for industries)
  • Monster (a global job website that has a popular branch in Canada)
  • Eluta (this is another job website in Canada for Canadian employers who want to hire workers)
  • Workopolis (helps small and corporate businesses to find a the best candidates for job positions)
  • Research about your target companies in Canada

When looking for jobs in Canada, you should try to research and know a lot about your target companies. When you are conversant with the company you want to work for even before getting the job, your potential employer will see you that you have passion for the company and really want to work.

You have to know things about the company as this will help you understand how the company works and how you can fit and contribute to the improvement of the company.

Researching about your target companies will help you tailor your CV and cover letter to meet the needs of the companies you are applying for.

  • Look for jobs in smaller communities in Canada

It is normal to look for jobs in big cities and towns in Canada but to easily find work in Canada, try to look for work in the smaller communities in Canada as there are a lot of job opportunities there and this is because a lot of people are always looking for jobs in the big and major cities in Canada.

People don’t like moving to the smaller communities and this has reduced the competition for jobs there and the employers there will be willing to pay higher salaries to keep their workers.

In these small communities, you get to enjoy low cost of living and serenity unlike the big communities where you spend more.

So as you are looking at the big cities in Canada, also look at the smaller cities as they also offer you great job opportunities.

  • Set up job alerts

You will have to set up job alerts for jobs in Canada so that you will be aware of job openings to apply for.

  • Network

Whether you are looking for a job in the private sector or public sector, you will have to ask your friends, family and also well-wishers; you never can tell who could link you up with a job.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you immigrate to Canada without a job?

Of course you can immigrate to Canada even without a job as there are some immigration programs where having a job offer is not a major requirement or eligibility criteria.

One of the most popular economic class immigration programs which is the Express Entry System doesn’t require you to have a job offer before you can be eligible for the program.

  • What are the jobs that are in-demand in Canada?

There are a lot of jobs that are in-demand in Canada and we will be listing some of them:

  1. Electrical engineers
  2. Truck driver
  3. Human resource manager
  4. Registered Nurse
  5. Welder
  6. Accountant
  7. Software developer
  8. Sales associate
  9. Merchandizer

Final Note

Finding work in Canada from Nigeria is not really as easy as it seems and for you to increase your chances of getting a job in Canada, you will have to follow the steps we have revealed to you in this article.

The best time to start your application is now as there are a lot of jobs that are in demand in Canada and the government is looking to welcome foreign workers to come fill up these job positions.

Make use of this opportunity now and fulfill your dream of finding a job and moving to Canada.


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