Humber College Grants [2022 UPDATE]
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Humber College Grants

Humber offers hundreds of different types of literacy featuring academic achievement, community involvement, leadership, levy services, and in some cases, to help with financial need. And for further information about literacy that may help you with the costs of your post-secondary education, visit students scholarship


The Entrance Scholarship

In order to recognise academic achievement, Humber offers Degree Entrance and Degree Transfer Awards. And these scholarship awards are automatically awarded grounded on academic normal or credential completion.

Degree Entrance Scholarship

Humber awards degree literacy automatically to graduating high academy scholars grounded on academic achievement. See the following map for details. And some of the scholarships are renewable each time if you maintain a normal of 80 per cent or further.

The Degree Entrance Scholarship Average Requirement

a). 95%+  ……$4,000 renewable

b). 90 – 94.9%  $3,500 renewable

c). 85 – 89.9%  $3,000 renewable

d). 80 – 84.9% $2,000 renewable

e). 75 – 79.9%   $1,500 one time

The Degree Transfer Scholarships $1,500 to $2,500

Humber automatically awards degree transfer literacy to scholars entering any Humber degree program who have completed a one- time Ontario council instrument or a two-or three- time parchment with a GPA of 80 per cent or further from a intimately- funded council.

students who have achieved a program GPA of 80 per cent or further will be awarded a one- time education of $1.500 for an instrument program or $2.500 for a parchment program in recognition of their academic achievement. And the instruments and warrants don’t have to be related to the degree program of choice and aren’t tied to the eligibility for advanced standing or transfer credit. No operation is needed.

  • 80%+ Certificate: $1,500
  • One Time 80%+ Diploma: $2,500

Instruments don’t include Ontario Graduate Instruments, Instruments of Achievement or Instruments of Completion.

A) Indigenous Student Awards, Bursaries and Scholarships.

Humber provides backing to Indigenous scholars in meeting the costs of their education and living charges while studying full- time or part- time. Scholars are also encouraged to visit Humber’s Indigenous Education & Engagement website, which offers a wide range of academic, particular, artistic and career support services.

Humber offers a variety of bursaries and Scholarships for Indigenous scholars

a) Canada Post Awards for Indigenous Students

In- Course

Criteria Awarded to Canadian and a member of a First Nation, Métis or Inuit community who has noway entered this award in the history and (a) been out of academy for 1 time or further and is returning or (b) has formerly returned to academy and completed 1 full time of studies.

The Value ($2,000)

The Deadline (August 31)

b) Ontario Power Generation John Wesley Beaver Memorial Award


The Entrance or In- Course:

The Criteria: Any Indigenous students pursuing a minimum 2- time program with an eventuality to lead to a career in the electricity/ energy assistance with a focus on Engineering, Science & Technology. Donors of this award will be eligible and may be considered for a paid work term/ placement at Ontario Power Generation.

The Value: (2 x $4,000)

The Deadlines: (August 1, November 1, February 1)

More Info:

c) RBC Aboriginal Student Awards Program.

Entrance or In- Course

The Criteria: Awarded to Aboriginal scholars who are status Indian,Non-status Indian, Inuit or Métis, majoring in disciplines related or unconnected to the fiscal service assiduity.

The Value: (10 x $4,000)

The Deadline: (February 28)

More info:

B) The External Awards, Bursaries & Scholarship

The awards, bursaries and literacy listed below are handed and administered by external government, commercial or community associations. And to check out the openings for scholarship, bursaries and awards available to Humber scholars. Please read the eligibility criteria precisely before applying.

1) 20Doors Scholarship Fund

The Criteria

The 20Doors Scholarship Fund will cover the education for four BIPOC campaigners each time, over the coming five times, to complete a time-long post-graduate program in copywriting or art direction. And  again, Zulu Alpha Kilo will give donors with the mentorship they need to start a successful career in advertising.

The Deadline (July 30, 2021-May 31, 2022)

More info:

2) 3M National Student Fellowship

The Criteria

Aspirants must be enrolled full- time and must have completed at least one full semester of undergraduate study. The award is to fete outstanding leadership rates and achievements in advancing pupil literacy.

The Value (10 x $5,000)

The Deadline Deadlines vary; see website for over-to- date deadline here

3) Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians Scholarship

The Criteria

Awarded to eyeless, deaf-eyeless, or incompletely sighted students who are enrolled in at least 40 of a full- time course cargo. And selection will be grounded on academic performance, community service, and adulterous conditioning while surmounting walls in life.

The Value (3 x $1000)

The Deadlines vary; see website for over-to- date deadline here

4) Alliance International – Engineering Scholarship Program


The Criteria

How to Apply: To enter, aspirants are encouraged to send their submission here

along with their name, council/ university, anticipated time of scale, and intended major.

The Value ($5000)

The Deadline (2021-05-15)

Check the website for further information here

5) Association of Civilians Professionals Student Bursary

The Criteria

Students are asked to submit a story chart (or bill) and short paper detailing their design completed as a demand for their studies in Ontario. And the project descriptions should be no longer than (500) words and include its purpose, data used, and the result that it provides.

The Value (1 x$ 500)

The Deadline (2021-04-16) … Ended

Visit the Official website for further details on the new scholarship here

6) The ”’Canadian Association of Women in Construction Bursary Awards”’

The Criteria

Completion of at least the first time of a parchment or degree program at a council or university in the GTA and registration in the continuing time clear career objects relating to the construction assiduity; substantiation of financial need; leadership rates and involvement in community conditioning; interest in conditioning that further the advancement of women in construction; Canadian citizenship or endless occupant status.

The Value $1,500

The Deadline (2021-05-30)… Ended.

Visit the Official website for further details on the upcoming scholarships here

Further information on External Awards, Bursaries & Scholarships

More Info:

The Bursaries

Humber is devoted to furnishing you with a number of bursaries to successfully pursue your education while managing your finances. And the bursaries are available for Certificate, Diploma, and Degree programs and are awarded primarily grounded on fiscal need, although academic excellence, adulterous conditioning, and community involvement may all be considered.

Humber offers several different types of bursaries. And the information about each of them is included below:

The Tuition Bursaries

Education Bursaries are non-repayable subventions. Humber offers a specified number of bursaries available to new and returning scholars. Education bursaries are awarded in quantities of $500,$750 or $1,000 depending on the program of study, to scholars who can demonstrate fiscal need. You must be a Canadian occupant and registered to attend Humber as a full- time pupil to be eligible for this bursary.

Term| Open| Close/ Deadline

Fall: 2021 July 5 August 20

Winter: 2022 Nov 8 Dec 17

Summer: 2022 Mar 7 Apr 15

To apply for a Tuition Bursary, you must complete the Interactive Budget Calculator online (MyHumber> Pupil Awards and Fiscal Aid> Apply for Student Aid> Select Aid Year and Aid Period (e.g. 2021-2022> Fall). And this is a secured website that will allow you one chance to submit the Tuition Bursary once you have handed in the needed financial information, so you need to ensure you submit a well- planned budget based on an accurate estimate of your income, savings and charges for your study period  of Sept 2021-April 2022).

Please Note: If all Tuition Bursary finances are awarded before the deadline date, there will be no further bursaries available for the time. And once you have submitted the operation, no changes can be made and you can not reapply in the same academic time. 

The Financial Need Bursaries

This is available only if you have a proven ”’financial need”’. And they’re awarded on an individual basis upon consideration of charges, income, family support, part- time employment openings, academic standing, and particular circumstances.

Students who wish to determine if they’re eligible for a Financial Aid bursary should see a Financial Aid Advisor.

The Ontario First Generation Bursaries

Ontario First Generation Bursaries are for scholars with a proven fiscal need and who are the first in their families to attend post secondary education. And the application is by assignment only generally in February of each time, and  first generation students are linked by Humber through the Humber Student Success Survey (HSSS) and OCAS.

The Student Access Guarantee Bursaries

Student Access Guarantee Bursaries are available to OSAP scholars only whose education is over $4,500 and have an unmet need under the OSAP program grounded on education and book costs as linked by the ”’Ministry of Training, Colleges  & Universities”’. And this is an automatic process and a cheque will be issued to those scholars who meet the criteria, generally distributed at the launch of the alternate semester. All eligible students will be notified by the Financial Aid office.

Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning

Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning is pleased to offer a Global Literacy Bursary to help scholars who are completing a global scholarship experience  academic study, field placement, or work term as approved by Humber. And this bursary will give eligible scholars with fiscal support for a specific period of academic experience outside of Canada. And global scholarship Bursary Guidelines and Application Form will be available in the forthcoming weeks.

Bursary Quantum Grounded on Financial Need-Up to $2,500 CAD

The Eligibility Conditions

To qualify for the Global Learning Bursary, aspirants must:

  • Be presently enrolled full- time at Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning.
  • Be entering academic recognition in fulfillment of a course or program conditions.
  • Be in good academic standing.
  • Must ”’demonstrate financial need as defined by the Financial Aid Office”’.
  • Haven’t entered a Global Literacy Bursary in the current academic time.

Procedure for the Application

  • Complete the operation and budget form.
  • Give a quotation for your accommodation for the duration of your Humber approved exertion, or a reimbursement/ parcel agreement abroad (if applicable).
  • Give a quotation for flight prices to and from destination for the duration of your Humber approved exertion (if applicable).
  • Externship/ Work Placements Only Submit a letter completed by your Placement.
  • Advisor or Program Fellow attesting the externship/ work placement.

The Operational Deadline

Operations won’t be reused later than 30 days prior to the awaited trip departure date. But  impunity to the deadline is made for scholars completing a time- grounded philanthropic response placement.

Please return your completed operation form and supporting attestation to Humber Global and Financial Aid


Bursaries awarded will be applied to the student’s MyHumber account. And the finances will go toward any outstanding balance on the account. But the students can send a request here to demand for the remaining finances to be awarded by cheque and be posted to the original home address on the student’s MyHumber account.




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