Apply for Pan African University Scholarship
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Apply for Pan African University Scholarship

The Pan African University is an action of the [Heads of State and Government of the African Union]. It’s a Premier international university network whose charge is to give quality postgraduate education geared towards the achievement of a [prosperous, intertwined and peaceful Africa].

Both [Young, good, talented and enterprising aspirants] from African countries and the African Diaspora are invited to apply to join [Masters or PhD] degree programmes at any of the following four PAU institutes listed below. The candidates with implicit provocation and who ask to play transformative leadership roles as [academics, professionals, industrialists, originators and entrepreneurs] are particularly encouraged to apply.

About Pan African University

The Pan African University – PAU is apost-graduate training and exploration network of university bumps in five regions, supported by the African Union. The new association is also supported by the [Association of African Universities].

The first African Ministerial Conference on [Science and Technology] was held in the year [2003] in Johannesburg, South Africa. The attendees shouldered to ameliorate the quality of wisdom and technology education and saw that the PAU would be necessary to ameliorate the quality of wisdom education and thereby ameliorate the productivity of African husbandry.

These ideas were developed in a conception note which outlined the objects of the PAU. In the year [2008], the African Union agreed that the PAU should be established. A high position panel was appointed in the year [2009] to oversee the PAU and the PAU was officially launched in the year [2011], and the university’s Statute was also espoused in the year [2013].

The PAU high position panel included [Njabulo Ndebele], author and former vice-chancellor of the University of Cape Town in South Africa, and [Ahmadou Lamine Ndiaye], chairman of the [Senegal Academy of Science and Technology]. An interim Rectorate took over the high position panel, headed by [Deputy Rector Professor Kassa Belay of Ethiopia]. A steering commission of stakeholders including representatives of the [African Union Commission, prestigious African academics, Africans in the Diaspora, mates, and the public and private sector] performed the part of a Council until the establishment of the PAU Council in June 2015.

The Benefits of PAN African University Scholarship

The PAU aims to give the occasion for advanced graduate training and postgraduate exploration to high- performing African scholars. The objects also include promoting mobility of scholars and preceptors and harmonizing programs and degrees. According to Kenyan Education Minister [Sam Ongeri] the PAU will stimulate cooperative and internationally competitive exploration, and enhance the attractiveness of African advanced education and research institutions.

The PAU Education Subventions

The PAU offers full scholarship to all students enrolled in its programmes following a competitive admissions process. These calls for education applications are issued and extensively circulated by the Rectorate and scholars apply online. PAU Institutes establish juries of [original, indigenous, and transnational] experts to elect scholars and Institute Boards submit the final list of named scholars to the Rectorate.

The PAU Senate makes final recommendations on pupil admission to the PAU Council. Before registration, each pupil signs an education agreement specifying the conditions of the offer and the duties and liabilities of both parties. In the education agreement, PAU students are needed to make an undertaking to serve any African Union Member State for a period equal to at least the duration of the education after the successful completion of their studies.

The students are obliged not to engage in any income generating conditioning that will intrude with their academic programmes. The student’s engagement in income generating conditioning shall be approved by the PAU Rectorate, only if similar conditioning won’t intrude with the pupil’s academic programme.

The education entitlement covers the following costs:

  • The Education fees are paid directly to the applicable PAU institute;
  • A paycheck of $588 per month for [Masters], and $823 for [Ph.D] students, to support the students living costs including [food, casing, serviceability, original transportation, & medical insurance];
  • The students not permanently resident in the country hosting the institute they’re attending are entitled to a single, economics return air ticket for the most direct route between their country megacity of endless residency and the host country megacity; and
  • The students permanent resident in the country hosting the institute they’re attending are entitled to $100 to cover the cost of their trip. And the PAU Rectorate reserves the right to terminate or suspend the entitlement if there’s compelling substantiation that the student has not complied with any of the vittles of the education agreement.

The Admission Conditions for Masters Programmes

The candidates must satisfy the ensuing conditions:

  • A clear colored passport size snap and it must be 2cmx2cm
  • Your Detailed CV.
  • A Recommendation letter from one of his or her former University speakers.
  • The names of 3 Reference University speakers with their email address and their whatsapp number and it’s compulsory
  • To maximum age of 30 years for men and 35 years for women aspirants.
  • The undergraduate degree from a honored university, with at least a alternate class upper division or its original, in any applicable field;
  • A certified copy of applicable certificate, transcript from university and high academy.
  • A clear and colored Passport or National I.D. card

Reasons To Join Pan African Universities

  • Their Excellent programmes tutored by world class faculty;
  • A broad network of academic and professional associates on the mainland and beyond;
  • A good and quality education scheme;
  • With a common degree awards from the Pan African University and its Host Universities;
  • An excellent career prospects in some of the fastest growing diligence, with applicable career guidance; and
  • A vibrant, multicultural and Pan African scholarship and research surroundings.

Their Application  Procedure

All application should be completed online at PAN official website

The ending date for the submission of applications with all supporting documents was 15 August 2021which has officially closed. And the application entered after this deadline will NOT be considered. So further enquiries will be made through a website concerning the upcoming Scholarship. For more information, send an queries to this email:

[email protected] Or

[email protected]

The list of the institutes with the affiliated programs in Pan African Universities

No1: The Pan African University Institute for [Basic Sciences, Technology and Innovation -PAUSTI], at [Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology- JKUAT], Kenya.

For Masters -MSc:

  • The Civil Engineering in Transportation option
  • The Electrical Engineering in Telecommunications option
  • The Electrical Engineering in Computer Engineering option
  • The Mechatronic Engineering
  • The Mechanical Engineering
  • The Molecular [Biology & Biotechnology]
  • The Mathematics in Computational option
  • The Mathematics in Statistics option
  • The Mathematics in Data science
  • The Civil Engineering in Structural option
  • The Construction & Management Option on Civil Engineering

For PhD:

  • The Electrical Engineering in Telecommunications option
  • The Electrical Engineering in Power Systems option
  • The Civil Engineering in Structural option
  • The Civil Engineering in Arid and Semi-Arid Land option
  • The Molecular in Biology & Biotechnology
  • The Mathematics in Financial option
  • The Mathematics in Computational option
  • The Mathematics in Statistics option

No2: The PAN Institute for Life and Earth Sciences

This includes the [Health and Agriculture – PAULESI], at the [University of Ibadan] – UI Nigeria:

For Masters – MSc:

  • The Environmental Management
  • The [Medicinal Plant Research and Drug Development]
  • The [Sports Management and Policy Development]
  • The Veterinary Medicine in Avian Medicine option
  • The Veterinary Medicine in Vaccine production & Quality Control option
  • The Geosciences in Mineral Exploration option
  • The Geosciences in Petroleum Geosciences option
  • The Health Sciences in Reproductive Health option
  • The Plant Breeding

For PhD:

  • The Health Sciences in Reproductive
  • Health option
  • The Plant Breeding
  • The Environmental Management
  • The Geosciences in Mineral Exploration option
  • The Geosciences in Petroleum Geosciences option

No3: The PAN University Institute for Governance

This is for both [Humanities and Social sciences -PAUGHSS], at the University of [Yaounde II and the University of Buea] Cameroon.

For the Masters – MA

  • The Translation
  • The [Transborder languages and Intercultural Communication]
  • For (Governance and Regional Integration]
  • For Conference Interpreting

For PhD:

It’s for the Governance & Regional Integration

No4: The Water & Energy Science by  PAN University Institute

It includes [Climate change – PAUWES], at the [University of Tlemcen], Algeria.

For Masters -MSc

  • The  Energy in Engineering option
  • The Energy in Policy option
  • The Climate Change
  • The Water in Engineering option
  • The Water in Policy option

The Constantly Asked Questions For PAN

How Can one apply for the Pan African programmes?

All applications should be done on the PAN African Official website. The launch and ending dates of the upcoming call for the registration will be made available on the platform. And there’s also a videotape to help you.

What are the eligibility criteria? 

For Masters Programmes:

  • The age range is 30 years old for men and 35 years old for women;
  • To be a holder of a Bachelor’s degree from a university or institute of advanced education recognised by your country.

For PhD Programmes:

  • The age range should be 35 years old for men and 40 years old for women;
  • To be holder of a Master’s degree or its origin from a university or advanced education institution recognised by your country.

As the PAU programs are domestic and full time study programmes, civil retainers and workers of private or public companies aren’t admitted to the PAU, as well as students formerly entering education.


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