Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctorates Grants [2022 UPDATE]
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Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctorates Grants

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation generally called the Trudeau Foundation (French Fondation Trudeau), is an independent and non-partisan Canadian charity, innovated in the year (2001) by musketeers and family of former Canadian high minister Pierre Trudeau.


The foundation supports creative and critical thinkers who make meaningful contributions to critical social issues through awards, fellowships, mentorships and public commerce events. And it has granted hundreds of major awards to top experimenters and largely accomplished individualities, in Canada and abroad.

Their Leadership Development

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation has had four chairpersons since its commencement in 2001. The first chairman and CEO of the foundation, StephenJ. Toope, took up his position in the morning of August 2002. An Interim President, FrederickH. Lowy, served from June, 2006 through to October 2006 after Toope left to become chairman of the University of British Columbia.

Pierre-Gerlier Forest, formerly principal scientist at Health Canada, was the chairman of the foundation from November 2006 to September 2013, Tim Brodhead became interim chairman and principal administrative officer as of 17 September 2013. And in April (2014), Morris Rosenberg was appointed chairman and principal administrative officer.

And through their ”(Scholarship, Fellowship, &  Mentorship programs)” the ”’Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation focuses on the leadership development of our Scholars”’. And their idea is to empower them to have meaningful impact in the world, equipping them with the chops to be leaders in their institutions and communities and breeding in them values pivotal for Engaged Leaders, similar as engagement with a plurality of perspectives, service to the community, audacity and invention.

The Foundation’s Leadership Curriculum is designed to support a new generation of Scholars who not only excel as thinkers and experimenters, but who have the eventuality to become inspired agents and catalysts for positive change in society. But the Foundation’s Leadership Program enriches the academic experience by preparing and empowering Scholars as Engaged Leaders who’ll have a meaningful impact in their institutions and communities.

Our Leadership Program proposes a path to community engagement by exposing Scholars to grueling debates, and a diversity of perspectives, and by moving outside their traditional comfort zone through engagement with tone, others, systems, and the terrain.

The program builds on the following factors and objects:

  • Engagement To support a cohort of Scholars to engage in and interact with the decreasingly complex social, artistic, profitable and political terrain in which they operate, including by engaging with a plurality of perspectives.
  • Chops To equip Scholars with a set of leadership chops and capabilities that expand their ways of knowing, being and doing
  • Network To grease the development of Scholars’ networks across the private, public and social sectors that will enable them to exceed as engaged communal leaders

The Funding

In the year (2002), the Government of Canada endowed the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation with $125 million CAD, to fund the creation of a program for advanced studies in the social lores and the humanities. And the agreement on the Advanced Research in the Humanities and Human Lores Fund was inked March 2002, between the Government of Canada and the foundation outlining the scores of the foundation in handling public finances in respects to investment strategy, governance and program delivery. And the foundation also solicits private backing for targeted systems.

The Human rights and quality

The purpose of pursuing and establishing civil, political, profitable and social rights is to save and promote mortal quality, in all its aspects and confines. And all mortal beings should be suitable to lead a life within society that reflects their common values and bournes, in malignancy of differences.

The Responsible citizenship

While important forces are pushing for integration on a planetary scale, artistic, ethical and religious divisions appear to be growing stronger, with an adding threat of loss of social cohesion. And the rights and scores conferred by citizenship aren’t equitably distributed at original, public or global situations; in the global profitable environment, the separation between private and public spheres of responsibility has begun to blur. And the proponents of true republic admit the pluralist terrain in a spirit of forbearance and participating in social responsibility.

Canada in the World

Canada’s tradition of responsible engagement in transnational affairs is an integral part of our identity. And through gestures similar as immigration, trip, and instant global dispatches, the Canadian public has come more apprehensive of complex transnational realities, whether they relate to commerce, culture or security.

Our generalities of threat, social obligation and engagement are evolving. And we’ve a clear need to reevaluate foreign policy and reflect on the openings and challenges that affect Canada’s part in critical areas similar to environmental protection and cooperation between nations.

People and their natural terrain

Environmental issues are pervasive, a source of concern for individualities around the globe. The competition for food, water, clean air and natural coffers is leading to conflict. Like other countries, Canada must admit the declination of the natural terrain and the trouble this poses to the health and security of Canadians.

New sustainable ecological measures and mortal adaptation may reduce the threat of battle among different sectors of society and countries; the conception of environmental justice will drive changes in the profitable, political and social order.

Their Programs

1. Trudeau Scholarships

This scholarship is presented each time to support ”’doctoral campaigners pursuing exploration of compelling present day concern”’, touching on one or further of the four themes of the foundation. And students are generally and arguably talented individuals who are laboriously and primarily engaged in their fields and anticipated to come commanding public and international numbers.

In addition, Trudeau Scholars frequently work as part of their education with Trudeau Instructors and Fellows. The public engagement is a core element to the Trudeau Doctoral Scholarship program. The Scholarships are valued at $60,000 CAD per time, typically for three times.

The Trudeau Scholarship program is considered to be among the most prestigious doctoral awards in Canada for scholars interested in major social and public policy issues. And till date, the inviting maturity of Doctoral awards has been awarded to scholars at universities in Eastern Canada.

2. Trudeau Fellowships

Up to five Trudeau Fellows are chosen each time in recognition of outstanding achievement, innovative approaches to issues of public policy and commitment to public engagement. The support is handed to Fellows to make extraordinary benefactions in their fields through leading edge exploration and creative work.

According to foundation attestation, there are three main points of the fellowship program. Initially, it’s intended to award exceptional individuals who use substantiation and creativity to inform public conversation and policy.

Next, the program fosters the stylish multidisciplinary exploration and knowledge dispersion within the social lores and the humanities. Incidentally, the program strives to establish Trudeau Fellows as outstanding actors within the universities, to challenge and encourage the coming generation of scholars.

Trudeau Fellowships are valued at $22500 CAD over three times.

3. Trudeau Mentorships

Up to twelve Trudeau Instructors are appointed each time. The Mentorship program seeks to forge intellectual and particular bonds between famed Canadians with expansive experience in public life and talented, youthful doctoral students who have been awarded Trudeau scholarship.

Instructors are drawn from a wide array of professional backgrounds, including the trades, journalism, business, public service, the legal profession, exploration and advocacy. Trudeau Instructors have generally earned a civil and transnational character grounded on achievements in their own particular field, and are suitable to introduce Scholars to their networks.

Trudeau Mentor campaigners are screened and named by an independent Train Review Committee composed of a maturity of elderly decision-makers and social entrepreneurs, including leading members of the media, business and policy community. The Trudeau Mentorships are valued at $35,000 CAD over four times.

4. Public Interaction Program

The Trudeau Foundation’s Public Interaction Program (PIP) is designed to integrate the foundation’s three entitlement- giving programs by furnishing donors with openings to learn and change exploration, ideas and proffers that concentrate on specific questions, and to partake applicable knowledge with associates from different disciplines and varied life and artistic backgrounds.

”And in addition to ‘PIP’ events organized by the foundation, members of the Trudeau Community are encouraged to organize ‘PIP’ events on major issues of public policy that affect Canadians and global society”’.

Each time, the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation awards up to fifteen doctoral literacy to Canadian and foreign doctoral campaigners pursuing exploration related to humanities and social lores.

The Host Institution (s)

  •  Participating Canadian Universities
  •  Level/ Fields of study

PhD Exploration Programme related to Social lores and Humanities, specifically one or further of the following areas Human Rights and Quality, Responsible Citizenship, Canada in the World and People and their Natural Terrain

Number of Awards: Up to 15

Target group

  • The Canadian citizens or endless residers and transnational scholars

Scholarships value/ eliminations/ duration

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation literacy give $40,000 per time for three times; up to $20,000 per time for three times (as exploration and trip allowance), class in a community of other Scholars, Instructors, and Fellows, all of whom are leaders and change-makers in their separate disciplines and sectors; and Leadership training from Instructors and Fellows.

The Eligibility

a) Doctoral students formerly accepted into or in time one, two, or three of a full- time program in the humanities or social lores whose work relates to one of the Foundations Four themes

  •  Human Rights and Quality;
  •  Responsible Citizenship;
  •  Canada and the World; and
  •  People and their Natural Terrain

b) Canadian citizens, whether at a Canadian or an transnational institution

c) Up to 25 of Scholars in a given time may benon-Canadians ( endless residers or foreign citizens) enrolled in a doctoral program at a Canadian institution

The Scholarship Application Instructions

But unfortunately the application is presently closed. The new Scholarship Application is yet to open for 2022/2023.

Students must apply via the Foundation’s online gate. And their enrollment is also matched with their academy. Each university holds its own internal selection process to determine which aspirants from their institution will be nominated for the education. But please communicate with your university to learn about its internal selection process and deadlines.

And in the year ”’(2021) Pierre Elliott Trudeau Scholarship Competition opened on 27 October (2020)”’. And each university has its own internal deadlines to elect scholars whom it’ll nominate for the education. But the final deadline for universities to submit their nominations to the Foundation is 5 January (2021).

It’s important to visit the website to fill the operation form and for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship here


  • scholarshipsads.com
  • scholarsarena.net
  • internationalscholarships.com
  • scholarshipportal.com


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