Unicaf Scholarship Program Currently Ongoing [2022 UPDATE]
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Unicaf Scholarship Program Currently Ongoing

The application is now open for the Funded [UNICAF Scholarship Program] 2022. These scholarship programs are for the aspirants of [Bachelor, Master, Doctoral] Degree position programs. The international students from all over the globe are eligible to apply.

The [UNICAF] collaboration with universities in the [UK, US, Europe & Africa] to offer online degrees and quality of education as well as exploration. The purpose of the education is to benefit thousands of students from all over the world and aspirants of any nation can apply.

Unicaf University is the only university in pan-Africa that provides access to quality advanced education through the immolation of online and on- ground original and internationally recognised qualifications. As an online pupil you’re suitable to learn at your own pace and at times at a much lower cost. As an [on- ground] pupil you’ll have access to [state- of- the- art] installations in a professional and high norms academic terrain.

By studying towards your online or on- lot post graduate or undergraduate degree programme you’ll be offered a [state- of- the- art] scholarship terrain and the occasion to earn a largely reputed degree demanded to advance your career.

The University offers a number of on- lot and online undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes as well internationally recognised qualifications in cooperation with universities in [Europe, UK] and the US at affordable prices.

It’s the best opportunity for everyone to study online with [UNICAF and Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D] Degrees. And every time the UNICAF offers numerous scholarships programs for international students who want to pursue their studies with international norms experimenters. And they encourage you to apply for the [UNICAF Scholarship Program] 2022.

The premises aim to give a number of pupil services and [face- to- face] tutorials to support the online delivery model. Although innovated by Unicaf, Unicaf University is treated as an associate university with scholarship handed for students taking the courses, whether online or in the form of incomplete on- lot scholarship. And according to [Dr Kevin Andrews,Vice-Chancellor], Unicaf University is presently in the process of opening fresh premises in several locales in Africa.

About This UNICAF Scholarship

UNICAF was innovated in the year [2012] and its headquarters is in Cyprus, Europe. originally furnishing the scholarship only in Africa but now furnishing them each over the world. More than $100 million worth of scholarships have been awarded among eligible students. And the end of UNICAF is to give scholarships to talented students who want to pursue their studies online.

Unicaf has established a number of branch premises and scholarship centres in Africa, similar as in [Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Zambia and Malawi

Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda,] formerly more than 45,000 have taken advantage of the Unicaf scholarship and registered to one of the cooperation programmes. The number of scholars is estimated to increase to 100,000 by the time 2023. Also, the scholarship centres are set up to include [digital libraries, computer labs, internet, creators] and make students less prone to studying in areas with incompletely shy architectures.

While education in Africa is rising and demand for professed people also ascends, there are serious challenges to Africans reaching quality [Higher Education – HE] situations that are recognised by the world’s employers. The gap in the request needs to be addressed now, if the [2040 African labour force] is to have global value.

The UNICAF Scholarship Courses

For Bachelor’s Degrees:

>>The BSc in Computer Science: This degree is ideal for people wishing to enhance their position within their organisations while at the same time it offers excellent prospects for unborn employment. And up to [80 Education] available for all programmes

>>The BA in Hospitality Management: This degree is essential for all those wishing to follow a path in hospitality and tourism assistance. The hospitality assistance and associated services is a huge and dynamic sector with excellent prospects and openings.

The BA in Business Administration:

The degree provides the students with precious knowledge of business processes and the capability to identify pitfalls, challenges and openings in the business world. The students among others will develop leadership and organisation skills that are precious in order to communicate vision while at the same time promoting invention and change.

For MBA – Master in Business Administration:

The UNICAF University’s top- class MBA prepares its graduates for the veritably demanding world of business and provides an excellent occasion for ambitious business scholars or working professionals to enhance their career. And up to 80 Education available for all programmes.

>> The MA in Education: The MA in Education is suitable for all those that are interested in understanding the important part of education in our everyday lives and especially the friendship between (‘education, society & students)’ of all ages. Throughout the Master’s programmes students will be engaged in exploration, tutoring styles, learning how to acclimatize with scholarship disabilities and understand educational practices and propositions.

>>The MSc Organisational Psychology:

The MSc in Organisational Psychology provides students with the necessary cerebral generalities and propositions while aiming at developing a number of crucial skills similar as [evaluative, exploration, interpersonal and logical skills].

For Doctorate Degrees:

>> The PhD’s: The PhD is a programme of independent, self- developed academic exploration degree, supported by a platoon of administrators that makes an original donation to knowledge written up in a publishable discussion.

The scholars can engage in research in one of the following fields of study:

  • The [Ph.D] in Business Administration
  • The [Ph.D] in Accounting and Finance up to [60%] Scholarship available for all programmes.
  • The [Ph.D] in Marketing Management
  • The [Ph.D] in Information and Technology
  • The [Ph.D] in Education

>> For DBA – Doctorate of Business Administration: The DBA is an amalgamated part- time program aimed at outstanding directors, who hold a master’s degree or original, or have numerous times of directorial experience and want to enhance their professional practice combining academic rigor and directorial applicability.

>> The EdD – Doctorate of gospel in Organisational Change and Leadership:

The EdD is for those who are eager to make substantial and original benefactions to the development of educational knowledge in a broad range of educational settings including [K- 12 schools, colleges, universities and governmental organisations].

For the Eligible Countries:

  • National of any country can apply
  • The Course Level is Masters, PhD
  • And the deadline is never fixed

The UNICAF considers candidates for an education grounded on the present, Unicaf offers a number of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in a number of areas similar as [business, computing, education, mass communication, psychology and LLM Laws].

The UNICAF Academic qualifications

All candidates should meet up with the entry conditions of the separate programme of study as it was stated on the application site.

The financial capability

All students should be in a position to pay the remaining portion of the fees after the education is applied.

The Country of Residence

The different scholarship applications depend on the country of residence of the student.

How To Apply For The UNICAF Scholarship

  • You have to fill out the form and an email  will be sent to you incontinently
  • You have to submit all the needed documents to determine if your academic qualifications meet the minimal criteria of the separate programme/associates.
  • Then the Admissions Officer and the Scholarship Committee will communicate with you.

The Frequently Asked Questions About Unicaf Scholarship

How can One Apply For This UNICAF Scholarship Program?

It’s simple, once you choose the degree you would like to study for, you can go to the UNICAF Apply Website and fill out the registration form. And one of our largely trained student councils will also get in touch with you by telephone, to guide you through the operation process and answer any questions you may have at this stage.

Where is the UNICAF located?

UNICAF is an organisation that provides scholarships for programmes offered by our associate universities. And all programmes are available online and there’s no need for you to dislocate to commence your studies. But in addition, Unicaf University offers an amalgamated scholarship option at its lot in Lilongwe, Malawi. And for a list of UNICAF Information, please visit UNICAF Information Centres Website

What qualifications Can One need in order to apply for a UNICAF Scholarship?

For UNICAF Scholarship, you need:

You must have an income of less than US $20,000 per year.

You must be ready to commence your academic studies within 6 months from the date of entering admission to your chosen academic programme.

You must meet the entry conditions of your chosen programme of study, i.e. and have the applicable academic qualifications. And for more details, please visit UNICAF Eligibility Website

What’s the total cost of studying at UNICAF?

UNICAF offers partial scholarships for academic programmes offered by its associate universities. And the final figure you’ll have to pay depends on the type of course you choose, your academic qualifications and your financial background. And you can fill in your application, free of charge and without any scores, to have one of our largely trained counsels communicate with you and inform you about the final cost and payment plans.

In what languages are the courses offered in UNICAF?

Presently, all their courses and communication is in English.

What programmes do they offer in UNICAF?

The list of available programmes is constantly expanding. And for an [over- to- date] list of their associate universities and the courses on offer, please visit UNICAF courses and Programmes Website

Do I need to have an email address before applying for UNICAF?

Of course, all aspirants need to give a valid email address and you can produce an address, [free- of- charge], with numerous providers, similar to [Gmail and Yahoo].

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