University Of Calgary Grants [2022 UPDATE]
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University Of Calgary Grants

We have put some information together in order to help you succeed during your time at the University of Calgary. But whether it’s attending a professional development conference, or embarking on a design to ameliorate a lot of life or being honored for an exploration design – we are surely here to guide and support you in icing your time at the University of Calgary is one filled with instigative scholarship and the development openings. And the following is a true rundown of the colorful financial awards, financial backing programs, and design funding the academy offers or promotes in cooperation.

The General Scholarship for University Calvary

Last time pupil donations through the peer bursary tax led to over $1 million in bursaries distributed to meritorious scholars. And they give several awards to outstanding scholars who excel in a variety of areas.

The University Of Calgary Grants


This SU Club Scholarship honours Eric Lahoda, a former U of C pupil and devoted SU Club superintendent. And the Appointees must be a returning U of C student in good academic standing (GPA of 2.0 or advanced), be registered as a full- time pupil, have completed at least one time of study at U of C, have shared in the club for one semester preliminarily. And note the club must be registered by the SU and be in good standing.


The ”’Laurence Decore Award is funded & as well as administered through the Alberta Heritage Scholarship Fund and promotions”’

There are few other awards available, each also valued from $1000 and above

This award for Students leadership honours Mr. Laurence Decore – ”’former Edmonton mayor & the leader of the Alberta Liberal party”’. The Laurence Decore Award recognizes scholars who demonstrate outstanding fidelity and leadership to fellow scholars and to their community through involvement in student government, students associations, clubs and/ or community associations.

No late operations will be accepted. Operations must be submitted to the Awards and Financial Assistance office in MacKimmie Block 117.

a). SUBMITTING YOUR Application And


Information on your application and submission are available here  always visit the site and stay up to date for all the scholarships available both old and upcoming ones


An aspirant must be:

  • Undergraduate or Undergraduate Professional programs pupil;
  • A Canadian Citizen or endless occupant and be an Alberta occupant.

To be considered an Alberta occupant, one of the ensuing conditions must apply:

  • One parent must presently be abiding in Alberta, or Alberta is the last place the designee has lived for twelve (12) successive months before being a full- time pupil, or
  • The designer is married to an Alberta occupant.
  • Presently enrolled full- time (a minimal 60 course cargo) in an undergraduate or undergraduate- position professional program;
  • Involved in either pupil government or pupil societies, clubs or associations, or involved in pupil associations at the parochial or public position or in non-profit community associations.


The following awards are administered on behalf of your Academy by the university’s Pupil Awards and Financial Aid office. And for further information on these awards including operation procedures visit their webpage. Their applications are available in June on the online Pupil Centre through the MyUofC gate webpage and the deadline for submission of operations is generally August 1.


The International Student Financial Need Bursary was created with the support of SU Quality Money backing, to give temporary support to transnational undergraduate scholars passing finacial difficulties due to unlooked-for circumstances and who have no other available options for securing short- term finances. Again, a temporary financial difficulty is defined as current or impending financial conditions that vitiate or may vitiate the capability of a pupil to meet being or unborn scores.

 Their Eligibility Conditions:

  • Must be a full- time pupil, defined as taking at least three courses (9 credits), in the same semester in which they’re applying for the bursary.
  • Must be passing a demonstrated unanticipated short- term fiscal need to be detailed in the operation through the particular statement section.


The November Symposium provides an occasion for undergraduate scholars from across all faculties to showcase their outstanding exploration work. The Symposium offers a number of cash awards for exploration ranging from $500 to $1000. And for application and Further Information for Undergrad Research Symposium find out here

The SU Pride Scholarship:

The SU Pride Scholarship is a Quality funds action devoted to recognise University of Calgary undergraduate scholars who are laboriously devoted to the queer community. These $2000 scholarships awarded in the Winter semester are meant for them.

The Aspirants must be:

  • A full- time University of Calgary undergraduate pupil in good academic standing (GPA of2.0 or advanced).
  • Be returning in the forthcoming academic time.
  • Have contributed to the betterment of the queer community in a meaningful, outstanding, or else positive way.

To apply or for further information, visit the Q Centre Webpage.


The Addition, Diversity, and Equity Advocacy (IDEA) Awards is a new education approved through SU Quality Money and administered by the SU to University of Calgary undergraduate scholars who are laboriously devoted to championing for and perfecting Equity, Diversity, and Addition (EDI) enterprise. And this award was approved for uninterrupted backing for the coming five times as a Quality fund action from 2021-2022.

They will give out two $500 awards at the end of the semester each time to undergraduate scholars who have displayed particular commitment, benefactions, advocacy, and involvement with EDI. Completed operations for the award can be submitted to the Fellow, Student Engagement, Jordi Brand-McKay, by dispatch: [email protected]

The Aspirants must be:

  • Be a full- time University of Calgary undergraduate pupil in good academic standing (GPA of 2.0 or advanced);
  • Be returning for full- time undergraduate studies in the forthcoming academic semester;
  • Have contributed to the betterment of EDI enterprise in a meaningful, unique, outstanding, or else positive way.

7. SU QUALITY MONEY Suitable AWARD (1) $500

The SU recognizes that there’s a gap in current awards systems and processes, creating walls for persons with disabilities from penetrating literacy and awards. The SU ABLE award seeks to address some of these challenges by feting scholars that have demonstrated adaptability and shown that anyhow of these walls, they’ve been Suitable to exceed in their educational field and have proven to be a leader for others in their community. And $500 Award will be given out at the end of the downtime semester. Completed Operation packages can be submitted to Colson Buchanan SU Policy Critic by dispatch: [email protected]

The Aspirants must be:

  • Be a continuing undergraduate pupil enrolled at the University of Calgary.
  • Registered full- time but demanding only 6 units in both fall and downtime terms.
  • To ”’be registered with Institution of Calgary’s Student Accessibility Services”’.
  • Demonstrate academic merit.
  • Demonstrate fiscal need.
  • Demonstrate Extra-curricular conditioning showing leadership in the community.

The Funding And Awards

You spend a lot of time – studying, going to class, hanging out with musketeers and taking part in conditioning or events. We want you to have the stylish possible experience during your time then. You may have suggestions for advancements, but do n’t know how to impact any change. The School wants to hear your bright ideas. It may just be the coming big thing!

We’ve backing available that can turn your dream for a new design or program into a reality.


Quality fund is an action of your academy and the Board of Governors to give backing to systems at the U of C that enhance the overall pupil experience. And  scholarship, faculty and other lot members are eligible to admit backing for their systems.

b) The Campus Improvement FUND

Lot Improvement Fund is an action that focuses on faculty specific systems and the aspirants must work with their SU Faculty Representative to develop a design idea and apply for backing.


The SU Sustainability Fund Sustainability Fund offers backing to systems that promote sustainability at the U ofC. And Students, faculty and other lot members are eligible to admit backing for their systems.

d) The Student Hardship Assistance Fund (SHAF)

Was created to help scholars who demonstrate fiscal need. And the SHAF is a fund of last resort which provides short term financial help due to unanticipated and imperative circumstances encountered by the aspirant and its purpose is to help the aspirant to remain enrolled at the University of Calgary.

The aspirant shall have exhausted all other forms of pupil aid and exigency backing previous to applying for this fund.


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