University Of Manitoba Scholarship [2022 UPDATE]
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University Of Manitoba Scholarship

The University of Manitoba rewards scholars who have demonstrated academic success and supports those with financial need through international students awards and bursaries.

The International Undergraduate Student Entrance Scholarship was established to award academic excellence by transnational scholars graduating from transnational high seminaries and entering studies at the University of Manitoba.


Scholarships will be offered to students who:

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  • Are the international scholars in Canada on valid study permits who have applied for admission to any Faculty or School at the University
  • Are paying the ”’international student tuition rates”’;
  • ”’Have achieved a minimal high academy normal of (85) grounded on the best five academic courses from our approved General Entrance Scholarship list”’.

The value of each award is set each time in categories grounded on high academy grade parts. And as an illustration, for the time 2020-2021 the award values were as follows:

  • Averages lesser than or equal to $95,000.
  • Averages lesser than or equal to $90,000
  • Averages lesser than or equal to $85, 000

International Undergraduate Student Scholarships

The International Undergraduate Student Scholarship was established to award excellence in educational achievement by transnational scholars at The University of Manitoba.

Scholarships  are offered to International Students who:

  • Are in Canada on valid study permits;
  • Show exceptional academic achievement on courses completed in the last regular academic session (minimum sessional grade point normal of3.5);
  • Are continuing in the coming successive time of full- time undergraduate study in their program during the Fall/ Downtime academic session.

Those meeting the below criteria will be ranked by session grade point average and literacy will be offered until all available finances are exhausted or the grade point standard is reached. And the eligible donors will be notified by the end of July.

International Student Bursaries

To qualify for bursaries at the University of Manitoba, you must apply for the University of Manitoba General Bursary through Aurora in addition to any individual operations that may be needed for specific awards.

General bursary operations for Fall and Winter Terms will be available in the Aurora Student Portal in early August. And this operation, with supporting attestation, must be submitted to the Financial Aid and Awards office by Oct. 1. Transnational scholars in their first time of post-secondary study in Canada aren’t eligible to apply to the general bursary program.

The Available Scholarship

1. June 30, 2022-JohnW. Davies Memorial Award

Society of Naval Engineers and Marine Masterminds, Arctic Section (SNAME AS)

Value: One award of $3,000

For Master’s & PhD Students

Research field (s) The competition is open to any full time graduate pupil at a honored University in Canada or the US State of Alaska whose exploration will help in furnishing results to problems encountered in the Arctic or in cold ocean surroundings. Specifically the exploration may be in the areas of marine transportation, development of coastal coffers, eco-systems commerce with development of Arctic/ cold ocean coffers, climate change impact in marine cold regions, or special areas of exploration for Arctic/ cold ocean surroundings.

2. June 30, 2022-Kathryn Huget Leadership Award

 Value Minimum: $1,000

 For Master’s & PhD Students

Research field (s) Scholars must be studying at the Master’s or PhD position, rather studying in the areas of organizational geste, business administration, business and commerce, sociology or psychology. Awarded to any existent, with preference given to womanish scholars presently in leadership places, whose focus is to ameliorate the business plan for women.

3. September 21, 2022-McCall MacBain Foundation

Opens June 2022

Value Up to 30 full literacy and 80 entrance awards of $5,000 or $10,000 each. The education will cover full education & fees for a full- time master’s program or an alternate- entry professional undergraduate program ( i.e. dentistry, law, or drug) at McGill, starting in Fall 2023. It’ll also give scholars with a living paycheck of $2,000 per month during academic terms.

For Master’s scholarships

Research fields These literacy will be offered to campaigners who demonstrate character, community engagement, leadership eventuality, entrepreneurial spirit, academic strength, and intellectual curiosity. And campaigners must have Canadian citizenship, endless occupancy, or exile status and have their bachelorette’s degree or be on track to graduate by August (2023).

Information session Interested scholars should attend the University of Manitoba information session on Thursday, March 3rd! This one-hour session includes time for Q&A with University of Manitoba students and current finalist Bryden Bukich.

4. May 27, 2022-McCrorie-West Family Fellowship For Alzheimer’s Research

Value 1 new award and 1 renewal award, up to an outside of approx. $1,000 each

For PhD students

Research field (s): Unrestricted

Operation details For promisingPh.D scholars in the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the University of Manitoba who have an outstanding academic record and have demonstrated an aptitude for conducting exploration directly related to changing a treatment or cure for Alzheimer complaint. And students who apply for this award will also be considered for the Eirikur & Thorbjorg Stephanson Scholarship.

5. NSERC STUDENT Ministers

Research Fields TEST Science, Engineering

Orders Engineering

Natural, Physical or Life Lores

Citizenship No citizenship available

Eligibility NSERC is launching a five- time airman action intended to support the creation of wisdom, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) to Canadian youth by Canadian youth. This will engage youth directly in getting instructors and part models for other youth in order to help foster a wisdom and engineering culture in Canada.

The purpose of the NSERC Student Ministers entitlement is to encourage post-secondary scholars and fellows to share their wisdom and engineering experience with youth from groups that are under- represented in STEM.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be registered in a Canadian university, polytechnic, council, or CÉGEP institution in the natural lores and engineering at the time of submission;
  • Be at least 16 times of age;
  • Hold a valid bank account with an institution fairly entitled to operate inCanada.Employees of NSERC and members of their immediate families are ineligible to apply.

Value: $1000

The value of the entitlement is$. You may hold only one NSERC Student Ambassador entitlement per financial time (April 1 – March 31).

Currency: Canadian

Tenable at: No details on tenability available

Deadlines: No deadlines available

Other funding/ Scholarships opportunities

1. Entrance awards

The University of Manitoba offers an instigative array of literacy to fete the achievements of recent high academy graduates and to help in financing their post-secondary studies. Each time, new scholars admit over $2.5 million in entrance literacy.

The Important dates:

Feb 16, 2022 Schulich Leader designee operations due.

Mar 1, 2022 Admission operation and entrance education consideration ( Fall 2022) deadline.

Aug 1, 2022 Premier’s Healthy Living Education for Youth.

Jun 30, 2022 Chown Centennial Scholarship nominations due.

Jul 15, 2022 Fairfax bursary operations due.

Aug 31, 2022 The Asper Foundation Entrance Bursary.

Dec 1, 2022 BMO Leader of Tomorrow and BMO Indigenous Leader of Tomorrow operation deadline (2023/2024 competition).

The  Eligibility

All new UM scholars are considered for a wide range of entrance literacy and awards. And most entrance scholarships  are grounded on demonstrated academic excellence in the last one or two times of high academy.

Simply by applying for admission to the University and submitting your reiterations, you’ll be considered for the University of Manitoba General Entrance Literacy and further. And other entrance literacy, similar as the BMO Financial Group Leader of Tomorrow Literacy and the Schulich Leader Literacy bear operations. But the eligibility and operation criteria vary for each entrance education, so be sure to read the conditions precisely.

2. The Funding, awards & financial aid

We want you to succeed as a graduate pupil. Find out how you can pierce backing so you can concentrate on your studies.

Banting Fellows and Vanier Scholars awarded to UM. The UM welcomes two Banting Postdoctoral Fellows to its species and congratulates four doctoral scholars on entering Vanier Literacy. And banting postdoctoral fellows are the stylish postdocs in the world.

But the donors are top- league postdoctoral gifts, nationally and internationally. And this award positions Banting Fellows to succeed as exploration leaders. And only seventy fellowships are awarded across Canada annually, valued at $140,000 over two times.

3. The Scholarships for current students

Most undergraduate literacy is awarded based on achievement. Some literacy do bear an operation, so please review the following award operations and regularly check your faculty, academy, council and department spots for program-specific award operation information.

The  Important dates:

May. 31, 2022 UM Workers Scholarship operation deadline

31, 2022 Westland Foundation Education Fund Award operation deadline.

23, 2021 Rhodes Scholarship internal operation deadline.

 The Eligibility:

Scholarships are typically offered to full- time scholars grounded on academic achievement and course cargo and generally bears that the philanthropist re-register at the University of Manitoba for the posterior time. And in utmost cases, scholars must register for and complete at least 80 percent of a full course load per term i.e. a minimum of 24 credit hours during the fall/ downtime terms, unless otherwise specified in the terms of the education by the patron (or a representative of the patron).

Please note that graduate scholars don’t have to cleave to credit hour minimums handed they’re registered as full- time scholars over the fall and downtime terms with the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Eligibility criteria and operation conditions vary by award, so please be sure to read the details of each education precisely before applying.

The Scholarship Application support

When applying for an award, please ensure you understand the eligibility conditions and that you have all of the necessary supporting documents to submit. And for general information about applying for and entering awards.. Contact the school here & here

The  Award eligibility:

Applying for awards is a competitive process, and in utmost cases all eligibility criteria must be met in order to apply. Still, some awards do permit a permissible addition addendum to be submitted with the operation form, outlining why a particular criterion wasn’t met due to exceptional circumstances.


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